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Speciality Chemicals

As a natural progression from General & Industrial Chemicals, we are now an established source for the more specialised chemicals.  With support from our global network of both toll and proprietary manufacturers we are able to offer an ever-expanding portfolio, which includes:

· Methyldiethanolamine (MDEA + aMDEA)
· Hexamethylenetetramine (HMT / Hexamine)
· Various Catalysts (impregnated with exotic metals)
· Vanadium Pentoxide
· Tert-Butyl Catechol (4-TBC)
· ASTM Reference Fuels (80-Octane, n-Heptane, Iso-octane)

Again, we have exclusive arrangements with many producers, and also have a dedicated production line for Hexamine (stabilised and unstabilised) under our Trithin brand name.

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Whilst many of these speciality chemicals are standard production, we are also able to arrange for the production of one-off products, specifically made to meet your own specifications.  These range from large-scale solvent blends, right down to P.I.A.N.O reference standards in 1.0mL vials. 

We have facilities available to us in the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and Middle-East, all of which operate under strict Internationally recognised quality systems to ensure that every product we sell meets your own exacting standards.