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Lubricants & Greases

In offering our clients a complete service range we are aware that many industrial chemical users are also purchasers of other crude oil based materials such as lubricants and greases.  It is therefore a natural extension of our service to provide a comprehensive supply position for these materials.


In line with other product areas we are able to offer purchasers a broad range of lubricants and greases from the worlds largest and most recognisable manufacturers.

Our knowledge of the lubricants market enables us to offer alternative purchase options against proprietary brands which may not be forthcoming from nominated producer distributors.  Major brands currently covered include:

· Shell®
· ExxonMobil®/Esso®
· BP®
· Tamoil®
· Agip®

Other brands are also available if required.  The range of available lubricants covering a multitude of applications is vast, from simple freeing lubricants to complex turbine oils and specialist high temperature greases.

 Our independence in this area of the market, coupled with our long-term producer links, ensures that our clients receive a comprehensive service in respect of their lubricant purchases.