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Polyethylene Plant Products

With the increase in demand for products manufactured from polyethylene comes a demand for chemicals and resins used in the plants for polyethylene production.  Trithin Products Limited is able to step-up to the mark and cater for these requirements with a vast range of products to suit a multitude of applications.  We have exclusive arrangements with some of the world’s largest producers for products including:

· LDPE Resins
· Triethyl Aluminium (TEA)
· Tri-n-Hexyl Aluminium (TnHA)
· Titanium Tetrachloride
· Tris(nonylphenyl)phosphite (TNPP)
· Masterbatches (General, UV, Cross Linking, Additive)

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Plus, a wide range of other Aluminium Alkyls, catalysts, and consumable chemicals.  We are also one of the very few producers worldwide who can offer bis(triphenylsilyl)chromate (Silyl Chromate), used as a catalyst component.

Many of these products require specialised packaging and transportation solutions, and in cooperation with our producers we are in a prime position to facilitate these special requirements.  These range from small, 0.3 litre pressurised bottles to ISO specification 24,000 litre tanks, available for medium-long term rental or outright purchase.

We are fully aware of the special needs that accompany many of these products, and as a result we pay special attention to each clients individual needs and ensure that we are able to tailor a solution that will suit your requirements.