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As with most industrial operations, the majority of our clients also require a comprehensive range of maintenance products and consumables to ensure the smooth and continual running of plants and service areas.

In response to this need we have steadily built up an extensive portfolio of products, covering a wide range of applications, from manufacturers all over the world.  These include:

· Adhesives (including Loctite®, Araldite®, Bostik®)
· Sealants (including Dow Corning®, Loctite®, Permatex®)
· Paints (including Hempel®, Ameron®, Jotun®)
· Epoxy Grouting Systems (including Chockfast®)
· Plus, repair compounds (e.g. Devcon®), penetrating fluids (e.g. WD40®), contact cleaners, and many more general maintenance products. 

maintenance maintenance maintenance

In addition to these types of products, we also offer a comprehensive range of cleaning and degreasing fluids - from our own Trithin® range and from other major manufacturers (such as Deb®, and Diversey Lever).  These range from gentle hand cleaners and barrier creams, to heavy duty degreasing fluids for use on oil platforms and machinery.