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Distribution & Logistics

Over our many years as an international supplier, we have built an extensive logistics network which enables us to fulfil a varied range of shipments, from very small laboratory chemical deliveries, to complete bulk ocean vessels.

From our depots and storage facilities in London, Birmingham, and South Essex we can move via Road, Sea or Air to any destination worldwide.  We also have warehousing and logistics facilities in many other strategic locations, including Rotterdam, Malta and Jebel Ali.

Utilising both our own fleet of vehicles and those of our logistics partners, we are able to move hazardous and non-hazardous goods throughout the UK and Europe - and with regular routes we are able to ensure a prompt delivery to ensure that we meet your deadlines.

With exclusive rates from many of the worlds major shipping lines, we are able to provide competitive and reliable deliveries on CFR and CIF terms to any commercial port throughout the world.  We specialise in the Mediterranean / North Africa and Middle-East, including Libya, Malta, Iran, and Kuwait.  We can offer a complete service, including export packing and documentation.

To accommodate the more urgent shipments, we are able to offer a comprehensive air freight service to all major international airports.  This includes hazardous goods, with all necessary IATA packing and documentation requirements catered for.

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