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Pesticides & Agro-chemicals

Trithin Products Limited is one of the world leaders in the supply of Pesticides and Agricultural Chemicals.  Our well established branded range of Trithin® pesticides is supported by our ability to provide other proprietary brands through our established producer network.

Additionally, our insight and technical knowledge relating to active ingredient content for suitable applications offers us the unique position of developing new Trithin® branded materials to meet specific needs of our clients and their local Environmental and Agricultural authorities.

Our extensive production facilities network allows us to offer a wide choice of formulations for public health, industrial and agricultural use, in various forms - these include:

· Liquids (such as EC, SC, ULV)
· Powders (such as WP, SP)
· Aerosols

fly tree pesticides

All branded products supplied by Trithin Products Limited are coupled with an assurance that pre-approval has been sought from local, EU or UK regulators.  With critical considerations in respect of health and environmental issues, we are well established to offer safe and suitable products for most applications and environments.  We are also able to offer a range of ancillary items, such as application machines, rodent control products, masks, and clothing.